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THE FORMULA tells the story of teenage siblings Romeo and Jay Jones. When “the formula” sweeps the streets of Bayview, people begin developing dangerous super powers, leaving the city helpless. When tragedy strikes the family, the Jones must rise up as Thunderstorm and Brigadier and see just how far the rabbit hole goes while they team up with one rogue detective, against a new generation of crime.

Who will win the battle for the soul of the city?

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This project was a labor of love, made by family, spanning 6 years, complete with a 5 VOLUME graphic novel series, a screenplay and an original soundtrack you can listen to as you read on our site.

For Chapter One, we assembled a formidable team of talented minds and hands: the FriesenPress publishing team, colorists Ross Hughes (DC Comics, Top Cow) and Alonzo Espinoza, and letterer Tobin Racicot (33, Paradoxity, Shaka).

Even though all that groundwork has been laid, it’s only when you buy and share THE FORMULA with your family and friends, that you let us and the retailers know directly just how much you would love to see this series continue.

So what are you waiting for?