The Creators


The patriarch of the Johnsons, Fredrick is a Chicago native artist, singer and songwriter from a large and talented family of entertainers and artisans. After migrating to the West Coast, he settled in California where he had Aaron and Elijah and signed to Fantasy Records, then transitioned into acting. With 15 years and over 300+ film/TV credits, he began directing and producing original screenplays with his sons to entertain and inspire the next generation worldwide.


The Los Angeles native siblings Aaron and Elijah, are multi-faceted creatives and co-owners of “Destiny Music Publishing, LLC”. Self taught as professionals from a young age, together they’ve ran massively successful crowdfunding campaigns and had their work published in several critically acclaimed projects such as “Leaders of the Free World”, “L’Atelier LA”, “Pitsberg”, and “Nightmare Detective” among others.